Enabling Safe and Compliant UAV / RPAS Operations in Local Government. South Queensland, Australia, October 9-10, 2014

It’s a two-days conference organized by The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy.

Small remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), commonly referred to as drones or UAVs, are now becoming readily available to local government organizations as either an organic capability or purchased service.

In the right hands, RPA can be an effective business tool for routine local government business operations. In the wrong hands, they can be an unpredictable risk.

This conference, supported by practical workshops has been specifically designed to inform Local Government decision makers on how these technologies can be safely acquired and employed in accordance with the Australian regulations.

The conference will also address how local authorities can manage the growth of this technology within their council boundaries to ensure the safety of their constituents. By attending this conference, you will see the pathways and understand how this technology can be acquired, applied and employed in the daily activities of local government in a safe and compliant operation.

The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) is the education and training organisation of V-TOL Aerospace. AUSA develops and runs RPAS courses, Conferences, Workshops and Specialist programs to meet the needs of the individual and organisation entering this exciting and emerging global industry. Info