First ever Drones’ community service month

Drone User Grouo Network

Interesting enough, there’s a group of drone users who decided to “promote the use of civilian drone technology for the benefit of humanity” and consequently promotes a calendar of interesting community-oriented projects.

It's the Drone User Group Network (DUGN) is one of the world's largest networks of civilian drone operators with over 1,000 active members; founded in August 2012 by Timothy Reuter in Washington DC, by June 2013 the network had spread to four other cities in the United States, and across the Pacific to the eastern coast of Australia.

They say “Community service is a core value of the Drone User Group Network, and we are excited to announce that September will be our first “drone community service month.” We are challenging our groups and members to start projects in September where they use their drones for good.

We would also like to encourage those of you on this site who feel your skills and equipment are ready to come up with your own projects like helping a charity organization film an event from the sky, help a local school inspect their facilities, help a park map their natural resources, teach kids about UAVs to encourage them in STEM disciplines, or develop your own completely new ideas”.

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